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Fundraisers Program

Profitable and Easy Fundraising
Box of Scrolls Single Packs are a different and unique fundraising project for those seeking a change from the standard fundraising products.
The Box of Scrolls fundraising program features an impressive 20% - 30% profit complimented with courteous customer service. 

What are Classic Cinnamon Scrolls?
Our cinnamon scrolls are made from scratch right and rolled by hand the old fashioned way. Delicious gourmet cinnamon scrolls that are baked fresh each day at the bakehouse located in Sydney and have since become known as the best tasting cinnamon scrolls in Australia.
How to make money

Set a goal for how much money you want to make and create some friendly competition. 

20% - 30% Profits from your efforts!
Simply introduce Box of Scrolls Single Packs to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours as a deliciously different opportunity to help you raise money.
Getting Started 
  • Set a goal
  • Communicate the goal to each participant and assign individual goals
  • Hand brochure / order form to each member of your group.
  • Choose a START and END date
  • Choose a DELIVERY date
  • Begin
Box of Scrolls provide a delicious opportunity for your family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers to help you raise money for your team / organisation and the opportunity to enjoy our legendary cinnamon scrolls.
Set your goals HIGH!
Most people can sell 10 - 20 just to family and friends.
Box of Scrolls are great year round as a fundraising opportunity!
How do I sell them?
Customised forms listing your group’s name and order / delivery dates are provided when you begin. You set goals, take orders, and make it fun with some friendly competition. Our cinnamon scrolls are so tasty; you can estimate 10 - 20 sales per individual in your group.
Box of Scrolls Single Packs are a great way to raise money for your group.
Finish & Delivery
  • Complete the Box of Scrolls TALLY SHEET and provide it to Box of Scrolls by calling our office on 1800 727 655 or by e-mail
  • Call Box of Scrolls Fundraising to communicate the completion of your fundraising drive.
  • Please allow one week for completion
  • Payment made payable to Box of Scrolls minumun 3 days before delivery
  • On delivery day, organise your group and have brochures sorted by last names or what other method workd for you
  • Pick a time that allows for speedy delivery
  • Have volunteers on hand to help

We pride ourselves in providing memorable excellence in customer service. Our dedicated team is here to help you be successful in attaining your fundraising goals. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Please call us or register to get started on your fundraising event now! 

We look forward to working with your organisation and thank you for considering Box of Scrolls for your fundraising needs.
20% - 30% Profits from your efforts!
Delivery Day Tips
Once you call in your group’s order, please allow 7 working days for us to make your delivery.
Please make sure to fill out all forms completely. Include first and last name of responsible party and total of each order.
Some Helpful Tips on Delivery Day
  • Organise your group and have brochures sorted by last names.
  • Have volunteers on hand to help
For further assistance please call us on 1800 727 655. 

Please email the following details below to and a member of our Fundraising Program will get back to you with 48-72 hours.

Primary Contact: 
 - First name
 - Last name
 - Telephone
 - Mobile
Organisation / School / Other
 - Name 
 - Address

Estimated Date/s wishing to Fundraise

Together with any other particulars you have authorisation to act on behalf.